April 1st- no foolin’

We are experiencing some strange times amongst us that is for sure. I’m glad that our daughters are grown, because I would really have difficulty in explaining what is happening right now- if there is an adequate “explanation”. Grandpa Chriscoe said “what don’t kill ya will make you stronger”, I must be the Michelin woman of muscles, with the challenges that have been hurdled at me left and right. We push forward. We encourage those that we can (oftentimes ourselves) There is no answer for parents getting cancer at the same time. There is no answer for both of us losing our jobs and insurance at the same time. We are trying to hold it together, grateful for what we have and our daughters buying us groceries. I never thought that would happen at this stage of our life. I wish you well, be positive and be kind- you have no idea what’s around the corner. Peace, love and health for this big old goofy world.

By LC White

A place to return to my writing, to start amid the plethora of social media outlets, of which it’s hard to be heard, harder yet to believe the perfect selfies and perfect lives. I’m a Lover of four leaf clovers, wildflowers, second chances and lucky pennies. When that time comes, I hope to have left the world a little better than I found it. Let’s create, laugh and be kind to all.

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