Big brother and little sis…

To have been raised apart from one another- blood runs deep. Those strands of DNA, genes and the like, from our mother- wind us together so very tightly. It always brings a smile to my face, when he mentions something he loves, and I echo, “Me, too!” Writing, postcards, antiques, pottery, books, birds, history, nature, old photos, bookmarks, and memories of simpler times… “Me too!” Of course, there are things we disagree on, of which I freely express my thoughts… he’s my only family- I gotta be honest, we can “agree to disagree”. However we are SO MUCH more alike than we are different, and I am thankful for someone to remind me and share memories of the past, with plenty of time to make new ones. Let’s get to it big Brother! Times a’ wasting! #lovemybrother #brotherwritesbooks #laricecan

Brother shared his favorite bookmarks with me! And it’s not even my birthday! What a treasure ❤️

By LC White

A place to return to my writing, to start amid the plethora of social media outlets, of which it’s hard to be heard, harder yet to believe the perfect selfies and perfect lives. I’m a Lover of four leaf clovers, wildflowers, second chances and lucky pennies. When that time comes, I hope to have left the world a little better than I found it. Let’s create, laugh and be kind to all.

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