Reading O. Henry short stories

I do admit it’s been awhile since American Lit class with Dr. Benjamin Wilson, a class I really enjoyed. The enlightening discussions around Mark Twain, Randall Jarrell, and O. Henry, took me to places I had never been before, reading selections I probably wouldn’t have chosen, were they not part of the class assignment. I held onto those literature books all these years, so beginning work at O. Henry Magazine, had me dust off a volume of short stories. After all, 10 years of a stellar local publication, and my new employer, I felt I owed it to myself to know more stories than “The Gift of the Magi”. Randomly, I selected my reading choice, “Best-seller” first, then “The Double Dyed Deceiver”. I find the writing interesting, in O.Henry’s ability to find a story in pretty much anything, everyday life, possibly boring or mundane to some. He was quite the writing machine, cranking out stories weekly of which I find incredible. Two stories down, 40 more to go- stay tuned on my O. Henry reading journey. I’d love to hear your comments on his work too. A new year and new insights with me! #ohenry #gsoauthor #readmore #williamsydneyporter

By LC White

A place to return to my writing, to start amid the plethora of social media outlets, of which it’s hard to be heard, harder yet to believe the perfect selfies and perfect lives. I’m a Lover of four leaf clovers, wildflowers, second chances and lucky pennies. When that time comes, I hope to have left the world a little better than I found it. Let’s create, laugh and be kind to all.

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