Thank you for the feedback, really.

For someone to candidly share feedback with you is truly a gift. What you decide to “do” with that “gift” is up to you. I am continuing to learn as much as I can, from as many people as possible. I experience joy from the learning and the collaboration with people. It’s not always been like that for me, and the delivery of feedback from some, made me feel like I was bleeding from the ears… but I smiled and accepted it, thought about it (sometimes too long) and looked for pieces of truth within it and how could I improve. I have learned of late, that some folks have an excuse for everything, why they can’t do this or that, how unfair things have been, negative, negative. Sometimes that was me! Wow, what an eye opener. We have all been there at one time or another. I don’t have time for the drama, and the negative energy around it. Truth is good for the soul, and being able to see it feel good. Someone really cares for you when they take time and energy to give feedback, and for that I’m grateful.

(Thanks Adam Grant for your insightful podcasts!)

By LC White

A place to return to my writing, to start amid the plethora of social media outlets, of which it’s hard to be heard, harder yet to believe the perfect selfies and perfect lives. I’m a Lover of four leaf clovers, wildflowers, second chances and lucky pennies. When that time comes, I hope to have left the world a little better than I found it. Let’s create, laugh and be kind to all.

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