Who’s the boss?

Everyone has some complaint about their boss, most likely because “said”employee knows a better way to manage, or they wouldn’t be a control freak, or talk down to their employees if they were in charge. Easier said than done- especially if you decide to share feedback to your boss, which could be quite detrimental, IF YOU want to keep your job. There is no abracadabra or miracle cure here, do your job to the best of your ability. If the boss is still your issue- move on. Period. You can always have a positive takeaway from the experience. One boss I had early in my career taught me, through her leadership, that I didn’t want to manage people in such a negative, hostile manner. And it worked. Bad bosses run the course, then you decide when it’s time to move on. #bekind #learnfrombadbosses #perceptionisreality