As I get smarter and prettier-

I have come to the realization, I occupy an extreme amount of time online, and I am unable to say it is mostly for “work”. (As I used to tell myself) Heavy sigh. My first account login was 12 years ago. That’s a lot of time, quite a few good things from fb and all the other accounts, reconnecting with old friends, occupying time during quarantine, reading political rants… so this week of my Birthday celebration, I’m giving myself the gift of FIVE days no social media. (Can I do it, my eye is starting to twitch 😜) WHAT DID I DO PRIOR TO social media? Well dear readers, we are about to find out. So, call me, email, snail mail or send a homing pigeon to chat with me. Quite a habit I established and the monopoly of fb- insty and them tweets. Updates to follow and your comments are ALWAYS welcomed and appreciated! 🍀 #laricecan #toomuchsocialmedia